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August 18, 2017

7:39 PM

Painful Bite

     I was up and going by nine this morning. I have six colors of yarn to use on the cowl and there are 26 rows to each repeat. The pattern has 10 repeats but Cathei wants 12 repeats so I got through the first color plus four rows of the second color last night. I took a dinner break about 6pm tonight at which time I was ready to wind the fourth color into a ball and begin knitting it. I cooked a bag of Pasta and Peas with Parmesan Cream Sauce to which I added some corn and bits of chicken. I figured everything except the chicken would be soft. Wrong! Twice I bit down on something that sent a sharp shooting pain up my tooth. I hadn’t taken any Ibuprofen since 9:30 this morning so I took a couple of those. Then I proceeded to wind the yarn into a ball and continue knitting. Tom came today, mowed the lawn and pressure washed the deck so it can be re-stained. I was quite to content to be home for the day after a busy week. Here is the newest Lacy Top.

What you see has limits. Imagination is boundless. - Folasade Fasoyiro

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