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July 21, 2017

7:42 PM


I finished the second “patriotic” Milo Vest about 1:30 this morning. I sent pictures to the Grandma and she forwarded them to the parents so they can pick the one they want. She is making a quilt and her husband is making a cradle. They will head to Texas Thursday to visit Baby Sterling and his parents. Meantime, the bulky purple scarf arrived at its destination today and the recipient was thrilled. She has had a bad week so this was just the thing to lift her spirits.
     The unsolicited email continues to pour in – info on becoming a Lyft driver (like Uber), fundraising technology, AARP Medicare, information for diabetics, etc. I had to remind myself several times that today is not Saturday. I think it is because I have somewhere to go in the morning. I watched a nice movie this afternoon called “Unconditional.” It was based on the life of Joe Bradford who, despite his own life-threatening struggles, discovered the redemption that comes from giving to others. Meantime, I started another Lacy Top using some of my Hula Hut Yarn. I decided to catch up on “Suits” which has already aired a couple of episodes in the new season. Meghan Markle, who stars on the show, has been dating Prince Harry for about nine months. Will they marry? Time will tell.
We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. - Abraham Lincoln
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July 20, 2017

10:35 PM


     Before heading for bed last night, I got an invite to Joanna’s birthday party on July 29. This morning I crocheted a handle on the little bag to go with her sweater. I finally did the vinegar rinse on the red vest this morning and followed that with a rinse with hair conditioner so it wouldn’t smell like vinegar. I was ready to begin knitting the bottom border of the second red, white, and blue Milo Vest when it came time to head off to rehearsal. Scotty, one of our college students, will be leading the music on Sunday. He plays guitar with us when he is home and able to do it. I know the young people have to learn how to do things, but this was a painful rehearsal. I don’t think Larry helped him pick out the music so Scotty selected some of the more difficult songs we have in our repertoire. That was not a good plan under the circumstances. Oh well… After I got home, Bill spied a deer over across the driveway in about the same spot we saw the doe and two fawns the other day. He also saw an owl. Now to see if I can finish the vest before bedtime.

I am thankful to all those who said "no" to me. Because of them, I did it myself. - Albert Einstein

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July 19, 2017

9:38 PM

A Lot of Knitting Going On

     The alarm went off at midnight for my thyroid pill. I took the pill, closed the computer, and went to bed. Miracles never cease! I got up about 10 minutes before time for the alarm to go off. I forgot to turn it off so I was in the living room when it sounded. I had a couple of errands to before Fiber Friends so I left a little earlier than usual. I dropped off mail at the Post Office for Bill and then dropped off prescription to be refilled at the pharmacy. All I had to do was remember to pick it up after Fiber Friends. There were eight of us today. I showed all the yarn I got yesterday from Hula Hut. I knit on one of the red, white, and blue Milo Vests. I got to the border and realized I hadn’t brought my Size 4 needle so I put that aside and knit on the other red, white, and blue vest. I did, indeed, remember to go pick up my meds. Bill wanted me to bring him home a fish sandwich from Burger King so I got a Swiss Mushroom Burger as well. When I got home I ate lunch and checked some of my email. I got the vest transferred to the Size 4 needle so I could finish that project. It was 3pm by then and I had to take a nap so I could make it to knitting tonight at The Blend. We had a new person tonight. Peter goes to our Friday night Fiber Friends group and has been going to the Friday night group at the fire station. I think that one has pretty much disbanded so he joined us. He showed us how to do the Zeppelin Bend knot. I learned how to do the magic knot a while back but both Barbara and I have had it come undone so we no longer use it. This one looked more substantial. I finished knitting the garter stitch border on the one vest so I’m ready to bind it off. I’m moving right along with these projects.  

Many of my prayers are made with my eyes open.  You see, it seems I’m always praying about something, and it’s not always convenient–or safe–to close my eyes. - Wayne Oates

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July 18, 2017

10:30 PM

Shawl Finished

     I finished the shawl at 2:55am. It took 35 minutes to do the bind off using Lucy Neatby’s modified conventional bind off. I’ll get a picture when I get the yarn tails woven in. Meantime, as I sit here at 3:40am, I once again read about the little baby in the UK where the parents are fighting to bring him to the US for treatment. The fact that the courts over there can tell them they cannot bring him to the US for treatment is mind boggling. When Clint turned 18, I had to go to court and file for guardianship. If I had not become his legal guardian, I would have had to go to court any time he needed surgery, etc. Once I was declared as his guardian, I retained the right to say what would be done with him. The fact that the government can prevent these parents from doing what they want to with their child is beyond scary! I chatted with my sister until about 5am.  It was light out as I headed to bed.
     I didn’t think to set an alarm so it was 10:55 when I woke and I was due at Shear Magic at 11:30 for a haircut. I also needed to stop at the Post Office on the way as they would be closed for lunch by time I was done. Since it was senior discount day at the Food Market, Bill asked me to stop in there for a few items. That required my coming home with food for the fridge/freezer before heading to Rainy Day Yarns for a one o’clock meeting. When I drove out of here the first time, the county had a crew with several trucks and other heavy equipment patching places on our street. They made room for me to get past them. They made room again when I came home with the groceries. When I went out again, the four guys doing the grunt work formed a line to the right of my car as I went by. I told them I was gone for good now. One guy said, “Have a nice day” and all four waved as I continued on my way. Too funny!
     I called the yarn shop to let them know I was on my way. I got there around 1:15 or so. Cathei (Hula Hut Yarns) came out to greet me. She had yarn, yarn and more yarn in the back of her car. She gave me the skein of yarn I won in the 4th of July online “party,” a skein for doing the test knit shawl, 5 skeins for doing the sample shawl and one final skein “just because.”  Then we went into the yarn shop and I showed everyone the test knit shawl, then the sample shawl and then the shawl knit with Rainy Day Yarns – the one I finished this morning. Cathei couldn’t stay too long. After she left I stayed and knit with Sherri (yarn shop owner), Darlene (also works there) and Leah (another knitting friend who was there when I arrived). Leah left and I remained until three. From there I went to Main & Vine grocery store. I don’t get there often but it is fun because they have things I don’t see anywhere else. Bill wanted me to bring home some of the shrimp pesto and shrimp scampi that you put into a sauce pan. As it heats up the sauce around each shrimp thaws out. So that took care of dinner. I had forgotten all about Fiber Friend tomorrow until Bill mentioned it. I set my alarm so I wouldn’t sleep right past it. Now that I’m done with the shawl knitting I’ll finish the two Milo Vests on the needles before I start a project with some of today’s yummy yarn stash seen here.
Live in such a way that any day would make a suitable capstone for life.  Live so that you need not change your mode of living, even if your sudden departure were immediately predicted to you. - C. H. Spurgeon
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July 17, 2017

9:02 PM

Sad News

     I wound up cooking the two crab cakes last night. They had a nice consistency but also had enough heat to burn the back of our throats. Scratch those off the list when we go to Hama Hama again! I started a fifth repeat on the shawl. I was beginning to fade by 2:45 so I headed for bed. I woke at eight as Bill was getting stuff ready to take out for trash pickup. There were some things I wanted to be sure went out so I got up. Unlike Bill, I can’t just crawl back into bed and go to sleep so I brewed coffee. The phone rang a little after ten and I learned that Nadine, a long-time friend from our Sew Gals group, passed away this morning. It is hard to be sad when we know she has exchanged earthly suffering for heavenly peace and wholeness.
     How do I manage to get shopper survey requests from a store I’ve never set foot in? Then came an email trying to sell me Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for erectile dysfunction. Uh huh… I also got my weekly update about TV shows. Barbara will be happy to know that A&E has renewed “Live PD” for an additional 100 episodes, extending the police docu-series’ run through 2018, at least. Meantime, I finished knitting the first of three wedges in the fifth shawl repeat. I wanted to watch and continue knitting but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I went to bed for an hour and resumed knitting when I got up. Despite the nap, I couldn’t stop yawning! Bill was watching “Police Academy” so I watched the last part of that with him. It was silly but reasonably entertaining. I moved on from that to a new episode of “Midsomer Murders.” That provided me with a good 90 minutes of knitting. When that was over I cooked dinner. I talked with Nadine’s daughter and the memorial service will be this Saturday so I’m trying to see who can go. Jackie will be out of town. On a more pleasant note, there was a doe and two fawns in the yard today.

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way. - Unknown
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July 16, 2017

6:56 PM

Baby News

They began inducing Barbara’s g’daughter-in-law at 8am Saturday morning. Barbara slept with her phone and checked throughout the night but there was still no baby news when I got up this morning. It was almost 8:30 when word came that they were going to do a C-section and shortly after nine we learned that 8lb 9oz Claire Marie had finally made her entrance into the world. Church went fine although I was yawning towards the end of the first service. Joanna came running up to me, jumped into my arms, and patted me on the back.  I thought someone behind me was doing it and then realized it was her. Sarah and her gang were there for the first time in a while. I saw two more new babies – Ethan and Evan. Ethan’s mother is the sister of baby Elizabeth’s mother I met a couple of weeks ago. Evan’s family was there for the first time. I was home for a short time before dozing off. I pan fried the raw oysters we bought yesterday and that was Sunday dinner. That should take care of my oyster craving for a while. I’ve been working on the fourth repeat of the shawl this afternoon but I’m going to try for a fifth repeat since I don’t have anything else to do with the leftover yarn.


You don't meet people by accident. There's always a reason. A lesson or a blessing. - Unknown 

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July 15, 2017

9:21 PM

Anniversay Outing

     I did an eye test thing on Facebook last night where you tell which one of five skeins of yarn was a different color. I managed to answer all of them correctly but it was not easy. Wow! I finally pointed myself towards bed just past 2am. I hadn’t really planned to get up at 8:30 but that’s what happened. I got a little knitting in this morning before Bill got up.
     Bill and I got married 32 years ago yesterday. Since we had the brush hog guy here mowing yesterday and I had Fiber Friends last night, we decided to do the anniversary outing today. We left here a little after one and headed to Lilliwaup, home of Hama Hama Company - a fifth generation family run oyster and clam farm. Originally, we would stop by there when we were in the area and bring home steamer clams. A few years ago, they started up what they call the “saloon” outside where you could get, grilled oysters, clams, and crab cakes. Somewhere in the last year or so they began doing it all year long from 12 – 5:30 daily. On Saturday and Sunday, they also have live music. We’ve never been there when so many people were roaming around. Despite the large crowd, it only took about 10 minutes for the order to come up once Bill reached the order window. They gave him one of those buzzer things that went off when his order was ready to be picked up. I first saw them used when I was Seattle with Kathy for various appointments. We ate grilled oysters and steamed clams there and brought home another dozen grilled oysters for later (later has come and gone.) It was toasty out today but most of the time there was a nice breeze off the water. Before leaving, we bought a couple of crab cakes and a jar of small oysters for me to pan fry (maybe Sunday). I yawned most of the way home. Bill was also tired but managed to stay awake until we got home. We were gone less than five hours and it felt like we’d been gone a week or more! We brought the food in, put it away and we both crashed. I set the alarm on my iPad but I had the sound turned down and never heard it so I slept over an hour. That’s fine, except for the effect it will have on my going to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Anyway, it was a fun day.

Although the threads of my life have often seemed knotted, I know, by faith, that on the other side of the embroidery…there is a crown. - Corrie Ten Boom
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July 14, 2017

10:49 PM

Accidents Galore!

     Even though I knit some at Ellie’s yesterday and knit some more after I got home from rehearsal last night, I only managed to knit 13 rows all day. Pitiful… I didn’t get to bed until after four and I stayed there until a little after ten. The brush hog guy arrived at ten to mow the field.
     There are so many accidents on Key Peninsula these days!  Around 11pm last night, a drunk woman decided to take a left where there was no left to take.  She totaled the truck she hit. Then someone who wasn't paying attention came along and rear ended the vehicle of the guy who was out on the road helping with traffic. None of the drivers were hurt but three vehicles had to be towed away. When Barbara headed out around eleven this morning, there was an accident across from her drive. From the picture I saw, it appears to have gone into the ditch. Around the same time, a minivan t-boned a State Trooper several blocks past the corner gas station near us. It makes one just want to stay home!
     Then Ann alerted me to another phone scam. They got a call that showed up as Fred Meyer (a grocery store we frequent in Gig Harbor) on Caller ID with FM’s phone number. Ann said it was some kind of credit card/debt consolidation scam. The “Fred Meyer” and local number had her husband sucked in before she grabbed the phone. She could tell from the ultra cheery young woman's practiced rapid fire speech that it was a spam call. There is a reason men shouldn’t be allowed to answer the phone! That is similar to the call we had recently where they spoofed an actual person on the Peninsula and their phone number. Scary!
     I napped for about 45 minutes before grabbing a quick bite and heading out to Fiber Friends. There were eight of us tonight. I continued knitting the shawl. Peter was working on a new lace doily. He is using #60 bamboo thread on 1.5 mm needles. I couldn’t believe how tiny the stitches were! He does exquisite work.

Every man’s life is a plan of God. - Horace Bushnell
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July 13, 2017

10:02 PM

Long Day

     One o’clock rolled past and I was still sitting here. I was pushing to finish the garter stitch section on the shawl. Out of curiosity, I set the stop watch and it took me 4 minutes 41 seconds to knit 131 stitches. And having reached my goal, did I go to bed? Of course not. I don't usually do Facebook quizzes but there was one where I was supposed to finish the lines in 12 hymns. It said, "Only a Southern Baptist can get 12/12 on this hymnal test." I did, indeed, get 12/12. I was raised Southern Baptist and sang every one of the hymns they showed. Another thing I ran across last night was about robo calls. I printed this info out and put it in front of Bill who will, no doubt, ignore it. You would think the fact that since he has been donating to various charities, his “charity” mail has increased by leaps and bound even though every group claims not to give or sell your information. You would think he could detect a pattern from responding. Oh well…
     You've probably gotten the call. It starts with a question like, "Are you a homeowner?" or "Can you hear me?" The point of these questions, it turns out, might be to get you to say, "Yes." According to some reports, your "yes" could then be used to sign you up for a service you didn't ask for and -- should you protest -- the scammer will then playback your verbal agreement to intimidate you. This scam has previously targeted businesses but is now allegedly going after individuals. Even if the scammer doesn't use your "yes" answer to attempt to sign you up for an unwanted service or product, your "yes" can still be valuable because just by answering you have proven that your phone number is active and that you will answer calls from unknown numbers. The scammer can then turn around and sell your number and others as sales leads to other solicitors of questionable repute.

     I eventually made it to bed, got a few hours’ sleep, got up, dressed, and headed to Ellie’s for our Sew Gals event. On the way out, I chatted with the next-door neighbor who was on her riding lawnmower. She said she has seen vehicles drive onto our stretch of road late at night and stay for a while. Over the years we, too, have spotted vehicles at the end of our driveway. I showed two finished Milo Vests, one of the “patriotic” ones I’m knitting, the finished shawl and the shawl I’m working on. A couple of gals left after our potluck lunch and one other had to leave about two. I left not long after she did so that got me home before three. I was able to nap for about an hour. I left here a little after five. When I stopped for the mail, DeeDee (postmaster) was just leaving. She had her top down so I kidded her about that. She said her AC was out so she had the top down to survive. I headed on over to meet the chiropractor. He was a young guy who has been practicing a couple of years. He did things a bit differently than Dr. Dave but he actually got more cracks out of my back than Dr. Dave usually does. Anyway, he seems like a nice fellow. I scheduled another visit with him on August 17. I ran into the grocery store, bought some ready cooked chicken, drove home, ate a chicken wing, and was soon on my way to rehearsal. If I hadn’t gotten that nap, I don’t think I would have made it. There were only five of us tonight. The bass guitarist doesn’t usually get to rehearsal. Three others will be out of town this weekend. Rehearsal was short and sweet and I was on my way home by 8:15. I ate another chicken wing before settling into the recliner to catch up on email, etc.

Remember that no amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future. - Unknown
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July 12, 2017

9:36 PM

Commercial Free

In case you couldn’t figure out what I was talking about last night, we had a cup of Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate Flake “ice cream.” Duh… I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to commercial free service on Hulu. Watching a bunch of shows like I’ve been doing and seeing the same commercials over and over was extremely annoying. That annoyance is now a thing of the past. Yay! I worked on the shawl again today and was ready to start the third (of four) garter stitch sections when it came time to head off to Wednesday night knitting. I only knit about three rows while there. Tomorrow will be a long day so I best get myself to bed in a timely manner tonight!

Life is about using the whole box of crayons. – Unknown

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