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August 16, 2017

8:52 PM


There was no chewing on THE tooth once the numbness wore off. Yowser! It was hurting more as the evening wore on. I finally took 600 mg Ibuprofen and that helped. I headed to bed just past midnight. I managed to sleep until the alarm went off at 8:30. I hoped the tooth was going to be pain free today but that wasn’t the case so I ate soup for breakfast. Even the left side of my face hurt. There were nine Fiber Friends today. Yes, I told them the story about the dentist buying the baby top. I stopped on the way home and got a Swedish meatball frozen dinner so I’d have something soft to eat. This afternoon I took a Tylenol and napped for a little over an hour. My mouth seemed to feel better after that although the side of my face still hurt. Soon it was time to go knit with the gang. I worked on my Lacy Top and it is getting close to done. Yarn from Hula Hut for the cowl is on its way. Knitters love squishy mail.

The giving of love is an education in itself. - Eleanor Roosevelt

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