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August 21, 2017

8:00 PM


     I tuned into the NASA site on my iPad about an hour before time for the maximum view of the eclipse in our area. They showed the view in both Salem and Madras, Oregon, which got the total eclipse. We had about 93% here. Since I wasn’t supposed to use the eclipse glasses over my glasses, I saw 6-8 crescents of the sun. If I closed my right eye and squinted real hard with the left eye, I could get it down to two crescents. Once that bit of excitement was over with, I settled in to knit on the cowl. I was ready to knit the third color section for the second time. Before long I could hardly keep my eyes open. I finally gave up and went to bed for a 1 ½ nap. I figured if I was that tired, I shouldn’t fight it. Dinner was some of yesterday’s trout. Off to knit more on the cowl. I’m ready to be done with this.

Hope for the best.
Expect the worst.
Life is a play.
We’re unrehearsed. - Mel Brooks
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