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August 15, 2017

7:05 PM


     I finished the hat on my needles and cast on another one so I was good to go today for a knitting project. We left here about 10:15 in case there was a delay due to the chip seal work. They had not yet gotten to our road so we were fine and made it to the dentist’s office almost half an hour early. Last time I was there, the dentist was enthralled with my knitting and that was just an orange acrylic hat. The gal I was going to give the Fiona Top to wasn’t at church on Sunday. Since I still had it, I thought it would be nice to show him something nicer than the hat. He was really impressed and asked if I sell my knitting. I told him I do on occasion. He asked if he could buy this piece? I told him the cost of the yarn. He asked what I wanted for it. I jokingly quoted him the price of the root canal. We laughed over that and then he left the room. He came back a few minutes later, handed me a crisp, new $100 bill and said, “Do you want to trade?” I was shocked but, needless to say, I made the trade!
     Since I arrived early, he did the shots so I’d be ready when he finished with his other patient. I didn’t feel any of the three needles he stuck in the gum to numb the area! The dental dam wasn’t as daunting as anticipated. We joked about not wanting him to drop anything down my throat during the procedure. I could see the variety of tools passing between the dentist and his tech. He said the crack in the tooth went all the way up to the nerve so it’s good I’m went in when I did. I was done by noon. Bill had gone across the street to get something to eat so I walked over there. I couldn’t bite on the tooth for an hour but I needed something to eat. I didn’t see anything on their menu that suited me so we went across the street to The Spar, Tacoma’s oldest saloon. The place seemed to be a favorite of the senior crowd. There was a table of 11 older guys behind me. I ordered a Swiss Mushroom Burger so I could cut the meat into small bites and chew on the “good” side of my mouth. By time we arrived back at the corner gas station, they appeared to be done chip sealing the road. We drove carefully but cars coming told us didn’t even bother to slow down. We didn’t really want goopy stuff on our car! We hadn’t been home long before I went back for a two-hour nap. Time for a snack before I pick up my knitting. The Hula Hut gal asked me to knit a cowl for her sample stash. Since it was her yarn I used for the Fiona Top, I told her the story about the dentist buying it. She thought that was great.
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