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August 14, 2017

8:09 PM

Stupid is as stupid does

     I heard about an accident near us a few days ago. It involved a pickup towing a boat. I wondered what happened. Our fire chief issues a weekly report of things the fire department responds to during the week. Last week there were two 2-car head on collisions, another 2-car collision and then the collision I mentioned above. One of the head on collisions involved a drunk driver. The collision involving the boat occurred when a pickup towing a boat attempted to pass a slower vehicle and a third vehicle pulled out from a side street. Seriously? How stupid does one have to be to pass another vehicle when towing something? It boggles my mind how many vehicle accidents we have here on the Peninsula. As I’ve said before, it makes one want to stay home.
     I don't know if watching a brief run-through of the root canal treatment procedure was a good or a bad idea – especially the part that showed what could go wrong! I think I liked what the receptionist in my regular dentist’s office told me. As I drove out of here this morning I found a sign saying they will be chip sealing our road tomorrow, too. Oh joy! I went to the grocery store and picked up a bag of Asian salad for the Sew Gals potluck at Ellie’s. Despite my stop, I was the first one to arrive. There were seven of us today. The wires got crossed somewhere. Deanna was told Grace wasn’t coming so she didn’t call about giving her a ride. Oops! Carol V was cutting out vest patterns. She plans to make vests for the upcoming auction to raise money to support Rabbit Haven, a local non-profit rescue and shelter for domestic rabbits. Since Carol acquired the two bunnies, she has become obsessed with bunnies despite the fact they chew on her furniture. Barbara is also involved with that organization and fosters bunnies from time to time. My sister had a bunny years ago. We tried to have one with Clint but that didn’t last. I have a picture of him holding the bunny under its front legs with the hind legs dangling. It was hard to say who was more distressed – Clint or the bunny. 😊
     When I started the car this morning I got an alert saying the oil needed to be changed. Since we just did that six days before, I knew something was amiss. I drove into Key Center and went to the shop that did the LOB so they could reset the oil change indicator. The young fellow made several unsuccessful attempts before going back into the shop for help. Another young guy came out and fixed it. It is easy enough to do. For turn key ignitions like ours, you turn the key one notch and press both the gas and brake simultaneously for about 20 seconds. The display will say “Resetting Oil” so you keep it pressed until it says “complete.” Now I know how to do it if they fail to reset it after a future oil change. I picked up the mail and headed home. I decided to drive past our street and see how far down the road the chip seal job would go. I expected to find a sign but I found the chip seal crew. They had started at that end of the road, although I couldn’t tell how much further down the road they went. They were working on a side street. I was able to talk to the supervisor and he guesstimated 11am for our side street tomorrow. He said he could get us out, regardless. I turned around and went home, arriving there a little after four.
     Going through today’s email I found one from Schwan’s at 1:59pm which said “We're sorry to see you go! We have received a cancellation request and your Schwan's Representative will no longer stop by to provide home delivery." Then I saw another one from them at 2:59pm which said “Oops! Please disregard the notification below indicating your service has been changed.” This was most interesting since I do not now, nor have I ever had, an account with Schwan’s. My friend Wanda has used that service and if I lived alone, I might be inclined to give it a try. I nodded off for a little over an hour around five. My plan for tonight is to finish the hat on my needles and cast on for another one. If Bill drives me to the dentist tomorrow, I need something to work on in the car.

You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. - Walter Hagen
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